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A Comparison of Three Best Router Tables in the Market

Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100You will agree with me that a router table is an invaluable addition to any workshop. But then, you have to get the best model to boost productivity at the job site and also, to get value for your money.

So, what’s the best model in today’s comparison review of Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100?

If you are scouting for a router table, but you don’t know which one to go for, these three are great options.

We have compared the most important features and aspects that come into buyers minds when looking for a good router table.

But just before we go deep into the comparison, let’s have a short overview of these three models and see what each has in store for us.

1. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Bosch RA1171

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This is a cabinet-style table saw that features a laminated table top with a reinforced aluminum router mounting plate for the best usability.

Here are several features that made this router table one of the best-selling in the market.
The unit offers a compact yet solid design with several safety elements integrated. We love a safety start lock that prevents unauthorized use, a plastic guard pin that covers and directs work pieces, and predrilled holes to fix the base.

When it comes to performance, this router table would fit the common light-duty to medium-duty routine tasks. There are adjustable MDF face plates and also two adjustable feather boards. Users can work with different work pieces, including even tall and awkward parts.

The accessory slot accepts extra feather boards and 3/4 inch optional accessories. The model is compatible with a variety of routers.

You can easily slide work pieces and remove all dirt, thanks to two dust collection ports.
Bosch RA1171 is perfect for the all-day woodworker. If you are on a budget, the Bosch RA1171 will definitely be a great purchase when you look at it from the price to features ratio.

2. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1181

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If you are looking for a lighter router table, this is an excellent option as it has a benchtop design. This means there are no extra wood panels that complete the cabinet style.

Bosch RA1181 improves the old model, adds several new features, and solves the flaws.

The worktop is made from aluminum. So we don’t only have a solid plate, but the whole working surface is aluminum.
The table is equally spacious to accommodate a range of routing needs. Integrated adjustable MDF face plates and feather boards allow for adjusting the working unit as you want and ensure improved support and control. That’s why Bosch RA1181 is suitable even for beginners.

You can traditionally apply many routers and accessories. Moreover, the model has a special accessory pocket for convenient storage.
All safety tips stay with us, luckily.

The unit will cost slightly more compared to the previous router table. Also, users get one dust port.
However, an improved design, more solid materials, and greater support and control during work are truly worth it.

3. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100

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Kreg PRS2100 also has a benchtop design and is much lighter than Bosch models. Users like it because of its high precision and stability, especially on uneven terrain.

By the way, the model may seem too simple, especially compared with Bosch router tables. But we found many similar functions that contribute to high performance.

One of the highlights of Kreg is an MDF worktop that can offer a smooth surface for smooth sliding. The table top is super-large and features an Easy-Slide surface. There are also plate levelers with the so-called Level-Loc rings. All these additions improve the accuracy of work and allow us to use any routers.

The table and stand have a rubber anti-vibration cover. It means no noise and disturbing movements of the table and your work piece. Dust and dirt particles will not disturb you either, thanks to a dust collection port.

Kreg PRS2100 has a few shortcomings with plastic components, but then, its accuracy and efficiency are out of this world.

Bosch RA1171, Bosch RA1181, Kreg PRS2100 Comparison Review

Now, after looking at the overview of each model, it is time we get to the core business of the day; comparing the different features of the three models. There are a set of factors that you will use as a checklist when shopping for the best router table. Those factors are what we have based this comparison on.

Style: Benchtop vs. Cabinet Style Router Table

We have several types of router tables. We highlight cabinet-style and benchtop, among others.

So, that forms the first basis for our comparison today.

Bosch RA1171
Is a cabinet style model, and as expected, there is a cabinet below. The advantage is that you can keep all other tools inside safely.
Bosch RA1181
On the other hand, the other Bosch model is benchtop-style, and as you can see on the pictures, there is nothing under the worktop.
Kreg PRS2100
Kreg is a benchtop too with a worktable and a stand. That’s pretty much what you get with a benchtop router table.

Winner: Here, I wouldn’t want to say there is a winner because each style has its use and also pros and cons. Also, style is not something that should bother you unless you have concrete reasons. As for Bosch RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100, they are both benchtop table saws, and in this review, we give the crown to Kreg. It has a stronger base and is more portable.

Worktop design and material

Worktop Bosch

Among the most important factors to consider when buying these equipment is the design of the worktop.

If you want the best router table, you need to examine the size of the worktop, material, smoothness, among many other factors.

So, how does Kreg compare to Bosch?

Bosch RA1171

boasts a spacious die-cast aluminum table surface laminated on the top. I really like its smooth laminate finish as it allows you to slide in the workpieces easily. But then, it makes it fragile.

Regarding size, it measures 25 in. X 15.5 in. and is spacious enough to accommodate a range of cutting needs.

Bosch RA1181

also comes with the same die-cast aluminum work top but this time, there is no lamination which ensures its durability. When it comes to size, the table router is noticeably larger as it measures 25 in. X 18 in.

So if you want a professional grade router table, the RA1181 is your match.

Kreg PRS2100

When it comes to Kreg, there is an entirely new approach that features an MDF worktop. Even though an aluminum one is the most desirable because of durability, the advantage of MDF is that the vibrations are reduced.
The Kreg PRS2100 worktop measures 24 in. X 16 in. which is enough for the everyday woodshop needs.


Winner: The Bosch RA1181 is the winner here because of the larger working space. Even though your tasks may be light, you never know when you will be working on large projects. That said, you’d rather have a larger working area and not need it than need it when you don’t have it.

Stand and stability

Stand Kreg

You want a strong base and stability to reduce vibrations and most importantly, to ensure precise and accurate cuts.

Here, it is the stand that is put to the test, so let’s see what Bosch RA1171, Bosch RA1181, and Kreg PRS2100 offer.

Bosch RA1171

is a cabinet-style model with quite a strong base now that the station goes around. But it wouldn’t be ideal for use on uneven surfaces as it will start wobbling.

Bosch RA1181

Router table also comes with a strong base but not as sturdy as that in the RA1171 cabinet router table. Equally, it is not ideal for uneven job sites.

Kreg PRS2100

On the other hand, Kreg has an entirely different approach with sturdy aluminum legs as the base. The advantage is that they can offer a firm stance even on uneven surfaces.


Winner: Here, I think the battle is between Kreg PRS2100 vs. Bosch RA1171 now that their stability is exceptional. It will now be about whether you prefer a cabinet-style or benchtop.

Fence design

Fence design Bosch
If you have used other woodworking cutting tools, you have probably heard about the fence. Router tables also have this feature so it will be essential to know what it does and most importantly, what the Bosch RA1171, RA1181 and Kreg PSR2100 offer.

For starters, a fence in woodworking is a rigid straight edge placed parallel to the blade. Its work is to determine the width of the cut by firmly holding the workpiece to the edge. The fence is a fundamental feature as it decides whether you will get accurate and consistent cuts or not.

Bosch RA1171

To start, the Bosch RA1171 boasts an aluminum fence measuring 4-7/8- x 25-1/8-inch. It allows you to work easily, with a range of workpieces.

This fence has a maximum opening of 3-5/8 inches making it the best for managing sawdust.

Bosch RA1181

Bosch RA1181 also comes with the same aluminum fence in just the same dimensions.

Perhaps the only difference is the maximum fence opening. It can stretch a little more to 3-3/16 which is very negligible, but in some instances, it may come in handy.

Kreg PRS2100

Lastly, Kreg PRS2100 brings on board an aluminum fence also. But the highlight here is the usability that has been made easy courtesy of the new quarter-turn locking levers.

With the PRS2100, adjusting the fence is much easier with firm locking.


Winner: Here, I will go for Kreg PRS2100 because the accuracy of the fence matters. This model offers just that and is also strong and durable, allowing much versatility in the wood pieces you are cutting.


Featherboards are unique features, and they help to keep the workpiece more firm for fast and accurate cuts. But the most important use is feeding the pieces across the table. But not all models come with this feature so if you find one with a featherboard, that’s an invaluable tool.
Featherboards Bosch and Kreg

  • Bosch RA1171
    Bosch RA1171 comes with two adjustable featherboards that can work with a range of workpieces.This is courtesy of the easy adjustability as well as the optional accessory options available.
  • Bosch RA1181
    The newer model, Bosch RA1181 also comes with two featherboards attached to the table and fence and can as well handle a range of workpieces.There are also several accessory options available just like RA1171.
  • Kreg PRS2100
    Kreg PRS2100 doesn’t come with any featherboard so if you want a router table with featherboard, check out Kreg PRS3010.Fortunately, the PRS2100 is compatible with featherboards bought separately.

Winner: Here, the battle is between Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 as Kreg hugely misses out on this feature. For me, I would go for either of the two Bosch models, but preferably the RA1181 because of the complementary larger worktop.

Waste management

Waste management Bosch and Kreg

If you are a daily woodworker, you understand the problem of dust. Daily, you will be producing loads of waste, so you need to know how to manage it. The good thing is that router tables come with features to help you tidy up the workstation with ease.

Bosch RA1171

Bosch RA1171 comes with two dust ports that fit the standard hose, i.e., 2.5-inch.

On top of that, the cabinet style means that there will be no dust under the table top like in benchtops.

Bosch RA1181

The newer model Bosch RA1181 comes with one top dust port compatible with 2.5-inch hoses.

Unfortunately, since we miss the low port, there will be dust under the tabletop, so you have to bend to clean the mess.

Kreg PRS2100

For Kreg PRS2100, there is only one standard 2.5-inch dust collection port.

It will also accumulate a lot of the dust under the table top because it is hollow like Bosch RA1181.


Winner: Here again, the battle is between Bosch RA1181 vs. RA1171, and it is the cabinet saw that carries the day because of the dual system and the dirt never settling under the table top.


Safety Bosch


You will agree with me that safety is a priority number one when using a router table and cutting tools, in general.
There are so many risks associated with tools, and when it comes to woodworking, the injuries can end tragically.

A good router table should be kickback safe and should guard the operator from flying pieces and waste. But that doesn’t mean you should not put on your safety goggles.

Also, the startup should not be so straightforward now that kids can be a little cheeky.

So, how do Kreg and Bosch compare when it comes to features?

Kreg PRS2100

Kreg PRS2100 comes with a dual outlet switch which means there are two stages of putting the machine on. This prevents accidental startup or maybe when there is a risk of uninstructed use. There is also a clear guard panel for preventing flying objects from hitting you.

Bosch RA1171

Bosch RA1171 also comes with the clear guard which is of course adjustable. There is also the locking mechanism which is a dual switch outlet just like the one in Kreg PRS2100. But here, the switch is not easily accessible, so the chance of hitting the button accidentally is eliminated.

Bosch RA1181

The advanced RA1181 also has the same safety features; a clear guard and a dual switch outlet. The location of the switch is also hidden, so you don’t have to worry about accidental starting. And even if you accidentally hit it, the dual switch outlet feature has got you covered.


Winner: I wouldn’t say that there is a clear winner here because the three are all very safe.

But I would go for Bosch RA1171 cabinet table saw because none of the parts underneath are exposed. Children can go underneath a benchtop tables saw and start touching the components.


While the smaller woodworking tools may come assembled, a router table will require some assembly. When you order one, it will be shipped in parts which any average DIY enthusiast should be able to assemble. Regardless of your user level, an easy-to-assemble router table is desirable so that you may get to work soonest.

Kreg PRS2100

Kreg offers the easiest assemble as it comes with fewer parts. It comes with all the necessary assembly hardware and revolutionary insert plates with Level-Loc rings.

There is also an instructions manual that will come in handy in case you are stuck. In an hour or so, you should be done assembling the unit.

Bosch RA1181

When it comes to Bosch RA1181, the process is a little bit more complex bearing in mind it comes with more parts than Kreg.

But I can’t complain much because once you figure out what part belongs where you can easily do it in say an hour and a half. It also comes with a straightforward user manual to help you out.

Bosch RA1171

For the Bosch RA1171, the assembly is much more complicated than Bosch RA1181 and Kreg PRS2100. First, it has more parts and just figuring out the corresponding part might take you half an hour.

But the biggest pain is fixing the mounting plate. Woodworkers have complained, and Bosch fixed the issue in the RA1181.


Winner: Here, it’s evident that Kreg carries the day because it is easier to assemble.

But when it comes to Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181, go with the later model because mounting the plate has been made easier.

What’s in the box?

When purchasing anything, it is essential to know exactly everything that comes with the package. When it comes to router tables, there is no exception, and in fact, it’s important to know what you will get and the accessories you might need to budget for.

So, what do the three models in this comparison review come with?

Here is what you will find in the Bosch RA1171 package

  • Main unit
  • 3 mounting plate insert rings
  • 2 featherboards
  • Aluminum fence
  • Mounting hardware
  • Adjustable clear guard
  • Starter pin and guard
  • 2 – 1/16″ thick outfeed fence shims

Here is what you will find in the Bosch RA1181 package

  • Main unit
  • 3 mounting plate insert rings
  • 2 featherboards
  • Aluminum fence
  • Mounting hardware
  • Adjustable clear guard
  • Starter pin and guard
  • 2 – 1/16″ thick outfeed fence shims

Here are the items you will find in the Kreg PRS2100 package

  • Main unit
  • Insert plate with Level-Loc rings
  • Plate levelers
  • Aluminum fence
  • Bit guard
  • Jointing rods
  • Standard 2.5-inch

Winner: Here, Bosch carries the day because of the extra parts, for example, featherboards. But then remember, the more parts you have, the harder the assembly.

Cost and value for money

Now, before coming to the end of the comparison segment of Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100, it’s time we look at them from the cost and value for money perspective.

What is the cheapest router table to buy? And besides the prices, what model offers the best value for money?

Bosch RA1171

Regarding value for money, I would give it a score of 90%. It does its job quite well and offers excellent durability.

Bosch RA1181

Bosch RA1181, on the other hand, is a little bit more expensive. This is a benchtop router but with a more improved performance than RA1171.

When it comes to value for money, it is a great choice but then, there are a few complaints regarding its plastic parts.

Kreg PRS2100

Kreg PRS2100 is the most expensive model in this comparison review.


I wouldn’t say that there is a winner here because the three models are not direct competitors.

Bosch RA1171 is a cabinet-style while the rest of the two models are benchtops. Still,
Bosch RA1181 and Kreg PRS2100 are for two market segments.
Kreg is a high-end brand whereas Bosch RA1181 is probably an entry-level model.

Our Verdict: Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100

In this segment, we want to deliver now our verdict on what’s the best router table saw for the money between Bosch RA1171, Bosch RA1181 and Kreg PRS2100.

To be honest, all the three table routers are worth the money, and that’s the reason they made it into this comparison review.

Bosch RA1171 may not be the best Bosch model in the market, but the fact that it is a cabinet table saw, and is affordable makes it a worthy contender for the ultimate router table.


On the other hand, the Bosch RA1181 improves the old model, adds several new features and solves the flaws the RA1181 had. But then, you miss out on the excellent cabinet design.

When it comes to Kreg PRS2100, it is a little bit more expensive and has a few shortcomings with plastic components, but then, its accuracy and efficiency is out of this world.

In the long run, you won’t arrive at the best router table that has all the features you want. Each of the above three models above has advantages and disadvantages. It is all about compromising on one feature for another as long as the router table meets all your current needs, and future maybe.

But if you are on a budget, then definitely the Bosch RA1171 will be a great purchase when you look at it from the price to features ratio.


But for this review, I will front the Bosch RA1181 because of its great usability. In the Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 comparison, the latter is very easy to assemble compared to the former. The only thing you sacrifice is the cabinet, but still, you will love its solid base. When it comes to Bosch RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100, I would be willing to sacrifice the precision Kreg offers for the two featherboards the Bosch RA1181 comes with.


Frequently Asked Questions

For what tasks do I need a router table?

A router table is a more convenient and multi-functional option of a simple router tool. The system is used for cutting, screwing, polishing of various materials, including metal, wood, plastic, etc. Table routers offer the same performance as industrial units but fit home workshops, have more convenient position, and suit for unique tasks as well as mass production of the same products.


What is the best router table for home workshop and domestic use?

We would recommend Bosch RA1171 model as the optional option for beginners, semi-professional and DIY craftsmen as well as for home tasks. This table offers optimal combination of affordable price, excellent performance, safety measures, and durable materials.

What is the safest router table model?

Bosch offers the highest level of safety, that’s why we would recommend its RA1171 and RA1181 models. Both feature dual system with a clear guard that protects from flying particles during work and a dual switch outlet that makes turning on more complicated. Thus, no unauthorized use of accidental switching is possible.

Can I adjust table height on my router table?

The majority of models offer easy height adjustment, but it depends on your device. Bosch RA1181 and Kreg PRS2100 are one of the most convenient adjustable options.

Wrapping Up

There you have it folks, a Bosch RA1171 vs. RA1181 vs. Kreg PRS2100 comparison review.

These three are the best medium range router tables in the market that will offer great value for money.

Even though they may have several differences, they are all worthy products.

Buy the Bosch RA1171 if you want the best cabinet model and well as the best inexpensive router table.

For those looking for something that is easy to assemble, I recommend the upgraded model of the Bosch RA1171, the new Bosch RA1181. Even though it is slightly expensive, it offers excellent value for money.

Lastly, Kreg PRS2100 will be a great alternative to the two Bosch models. Though it is a little bit expensive, its versatility and precision are of great value to the professional woodworker.

Further reading and references:

  • Full specification on the manufacturer’s website model Bosch RA1171
  • Full specification on the manufacturer’s website model Bosch RA1181
  • Full specification on the manufacturer’s website model Kreg PRS2100

Recent Updates

30 of November 2020: Though some reviews state Bosch RA1181 has two dust collection ports, the manufacturer refutes this statement. Please pay attention that the model comes with one port set on the top.

1 of April 2021: The MenToolBox team confirms that all three models in the review Bosch RA1171, Bosch RA1181, and Kreg PRS2100 – are still available on the main retailing platforms.

13 of April 2021: The average models rating reached 4.7 points on Amazon (according to the users vote and reviews).


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    • Ryan Morrison

      Hello, Roy! Thank you very much for your question! You will have to drill all necessary mounting holes yourself for Kreg PRS2100.


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