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Dewalt dw745 vs Dewalt dwe7485 Table Saws

Dewalt dw745 vs Dewalt dwe7485

A table saw is a convenient and useful instrument that provides necessary support in both professional building projects and home workshops. This type of sawing tools became one of the most popular, as they combine high power and efficiency equal to stationary industrial saws, as well as compactness, portability, and beneficial price.

Dewalt company is a recognized American manufacturer of various high-quality tools. Its list of goods includes power tools and hand tools for different manufacturing purposes; however, saws were the first instruments it produced.

In this dw745 vs. dwe7485 review, we took two Dewalt best-selling table saw models to pick out their main characteristics, pros and cons, similarities and differences. We hope this article will be useful for everyone who wants to buy one of these saws or is just looking for a reliable item.

Main Differences Between the Models

A thorough face to face comparison shows that Dewalt dw745 and Dewalt dwe7485 table saws are similar in the majority of significant characteristics such as motors, fence systems, quick bevel lock, etc. However, users should also pay attention to the differences between the instruments, which influence the performance:

  • Both table saws use carbide blades of the same series and with the same number of teeth. But the diameters of the elements are different. The dw745 comes with a 10-inch blade, while the dwe7485 uses an 8 ¼-inch disk.
  • To the left side of the blade, both saws have 12-inch rip capacity. However, the right part of the table features a different rip. Dewalt dw745 has 20 inches, and Dewalt dwe7485 offers up to 24 ½ inches.
  • The first saw provides up to 3850 rotations per minute. The second model has the power to give 5800 RPM.
  • Both table saws are compatible with vacuums for immediate dust collection. The dw745 has one suction port for a dust bag or a vac. The dwe7485 features two ports of different sizes – over the blade guard and under the worktop.
  • Despite similar kits, Dewalt dwe7485 offers a better set as it comes with two blade change wrenches. Dewalt dw745 does not include any.
  • The last difference between the models lies in the weight. The first table saw weighs 45 pounds, while the second item is as heavy as 53.4 pounds. As you see, the difference isn’t so significant but still worth mentioning.

Comparison Table

1. Dewalt dw745 Table Saw


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Dewalt dw745 is an instrument that can please experienced masters, owners of small family productions, and craft fans.
A well-thought-out table and telescopic fence rails provide convenient workpiece processing of any size, including bulky items of high width up to 610 mm. You get a large 20-inch rip capacity to the right and 12-inch rip capacity to the left.

The parallel fence helps achieve synchronic movement and accurate measurements and cuts. The fence is set by a wheel and fixed by a lock mechanism.

The convenience of the table isn’t limited by the fence. There is a quick bevel lock with a large scale. Due to it, you can saw wood, adjusting the blade angle from 0 to 45 degrees. The blade is raised and sunk to nearly 3 1/2 inches by a wheel under the table and next to the on/off switch.

The kit also includes a non-thru cut riving knife, one push stick, and one miter gauge.

Frankly speaking, the gauge isn’t that useful, because it doesn’t fit the slot pretty much and continually moves.

Anyway, here we also see the Site-Pro Modular Guarding. It’s used for tool-free adjustment of application-specific guarding components.
The saw has a transparent blade guard, which ensures your work will be safe. Moreover, safety doesn’t interfere in operation, so the guard gives free visibility and comprehensive control over the process. Blade replacement takes a couple of minutes, being as safe.

Operation is based on a 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide blade, which is run by a powerful 15 amp high-torque motor. The saw rotates with the speed of 3850 RPM, but high power and great load cannot damage the instrument. Masters can work with the hardest kinds of wood of any state since the Dewalt dw745 uses the overload protection system. It provides high performance even when working on hard, wet, frozen wood.

The saw is portable, for it weighs only 45 pounds. Being light enough for transportation, it isn’t too light and unstable for usage. Here we see a metal roll cage, i.e., the steel frame that protects the saw from falls on the side.

The instrument will last for years. Cast table increases cutting accuracy, at the same time resisting scratches and other damage.
The table saw also includes a dust-collection port, which allows for a secure connection to a vacuum and not time-consuming cleaning of the worktop.

So, do we recommend buying the Dewalt dw745? Absolutely. This is one of the best table saws presented on the market. It combines high performance, safety, the accuracy of cutting, portability, and a reasonable price for such a power instrument.

  • compact and lightweight
  • powerful motor with anti-load protection system
  • 20 inches rip capacity
  • rack and pinion fence system, parallel fence, front, and rear fence lock
  • quick bevel lock for smooth blade 0-45 degree angle adjustment
  • adjustable blade depth
  • transparent blade guard
  • dust-collection port for a vacuum
  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding
  • the miter gauge is useless as it plays too much
  • a significant part of dust still stays underneath the unit
  • does not include a stand

2. Dewalt dwe7485 Table Saw


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Dewalt dwe7485 is another portable table saw of extraordinary quality and performance. This saw is a very close model to the previous dw745 but with a few essential changes.
So, the instrument uses the same 15 amp high-torque motor. This time, it produces 5800 RPM and also features anti-load protection.

It has the telescoping rack and pinion fence system. Parallel rails movement and adjustment are just as convenient as usual. Anyway, the rip capacity you have in the dwe7485 to the right is 24 ½ inches, so the biggest and widest workpieces and sheets are no problem anymore. To the left, the rip capacity is 12 inches as well. You can also put the fence into several positions for versatile use.

The saw also uses the quick bevel lock to change the blade angle from 0 to 45 degrees. There is a smooth blade depth adjustment as well.
The manufacturer also designed two dust-collection ports with smaller and larger dust extraction points, so you can attach a vacuum and eliminate the dust at once.

However, one should say that the port over the blade isn’t so effective.

The table saw features an 8-¼ inches 24-tooth blade. Your finders are safe, as the blade is covered with a transparent plastic guard case.
Safety system also includes the power button. It features a special limiter, so the saw cannot be switched on accidentally, for example, by children.

The item provides Modular Guard system and on board storage. Thus, the user can have necessary supporting instruments in touch.
The kit includes handy push stick and non-thru cut riving knife, as well as a miter gauge. The dwe7485 took into account the drawbacks of the dw745 and tried to improve the gauge. Now, it’s metal and has a special fix, but it still plays a little.

The weight of the table saw is 53.4 pounds. It quickly transforms into a compact module, which can be carried by one person. The metal roll cage provides durability and stable fixed standing.

Dewalt dwe7485 features several improvements while saving all beneficial characteristics of the previous dw745 table saw.
  • compact and lightweight
  • 15 amp motor with anti-load protection system
  • up to 5800 RPM
  • 24 ½ inches rip capacity
  • rack and pinion fence system, parallel fence, front, and rear fence lock
  • quick bevel lock for easy blade 0-45 degree angle adjustment
  • nearly 3 1/2 inches to adjust the blade depth
  • transparent blade guard
  • two dust-collection ports
  • on board storage
  • the miter gauge plays while used
  • the upper dust port isn’t very effective
  • does not include a stand

Design and Dimensions

  • Dewalt dw745 has the following dimensions: 22.72 x 29.21 x 16.73 in. This table saw is easily transformed to carry, as you can fold all protruding elements and get something like a suitcase.The saw weighs only 45 pounds. However, being light for transportations, it stays solid and stable for work. It has a lightweight yet durable metal roll cage with lock mechanisms and designed footing.The item mainly features light grey and black colors with yellow elements.
  • Dewalt dwe7485 has the same body with close dimensions: 26.65 x 14.08 x 27.15 in. Here, we see the same quick installation and folding for carrying. However, the table saw features an optimized footprint and a bit changed legs, which seem to be more reliable.At item weight 53.4 pounds. The saw became heavier, but the difference isn’t crucial for transportation.The design provides a solid steel roll cage that prevents drops and dangerous leaning.The color scheme stayed the same. The saw has black legs and roll cage, grey table and fence system, and yellow body.

Motor and Rotations Per Minute

Dewalt dw745

The instrument uses a potent 1850 Watt motor, which also features 15 amp and high torque. The motor provides excellent power so that a master can cut even the hardest wood in all conditions.
The dw745 is corded and needs 120V.

To avoid overloading and problems with the motor during most challenging works, the engineers included the overload protection system.
The saw rotates with a speed of 3850 RPM. Such speed also contributes to sawing efficiency.

Dewalt dwe7485

Dewalt dwe7485 comes with the same 15 amp motor with high torque and protection against overloading.

However, this time, it provides higher rotation power, which reaches 5800 RPM. The saw can cope with tougher jobs easier and faster.

The motor also requires 110-120V.

Blade and Position Adjustment

Dewalt dwe7485 BladeDewalt dw745

The dw745 uses a 10-inch carbide blade with 24 teeth. The blade provides an easy replacement. One of the main advantages of the Dewalt is its versatile sawing. One can choose the most appropriate blade position and change it as he wishes.

Thus, the table saw has the quick bevel lock, where you can adjust the blade angle. By spinning the wheel, you set an angle from 0 to 45 degrees. Besides, you can also change the blade depth. Maximum depth and height are 3 ½ inches.

Dewalt dwe7485

Dewalt dwe7485 offers an 8-¼ inches replaceable blade, which has 24 teeth either. Here, the saw uses the same blade position adjustment.

A wheel allows you to smoothly and quickly change the blade angle. The quick bevel lock offers a 0-45 degree angle choice. The blade can be adjusted to different cutting depths as well. You can lift and low it into 3 ½ inches.

Fence System

Dewalt dwe7485 Fence System

  • Dewalt dw745 provides the rack and pinion fence system, where you can change the rip capacity according to your working needs. The fence moves smoothly and offers accurate cutting. Rails also come with measuring markup. To the left, you have 12 inches rip capacity. To the right, you have up to 20 rip capacity, which is especially useful as you get extra space from the side.
    The fence uses front and rear locks for secure fixation.
  • Like in the previous model, Dewalt dwe7485 has the rack and pinion fence system. The fence easily unlocks and adjusts to your needs; its rails have a special measuring tape. The maximum rip capacity is 24 ½ inches to the right. To the left, we’ve got the same 12 inches.The fence helps perform very accurate sawing operations, at the same time allowing you to work even with large and bulky workpieces. You can also put your fence at a couple of different positions with the help of two slots on the right and the left of the table. You also have a little ledge, where, if you want, you can put larger pieces of material.

Dust Collection

  • Dewalt dw745 Though the Dewalt table saw does not include a vacuum, it has a special dust collection port, where you can attach a separate vacuum or a dust collection bag. The port is built into the body in the back of the saw. The outer diameter of the dust outlet of this machine is 2 ½ inches. However, users claim that the port is not very efficient, since it easily gets clogged without active suction, and a significant part of debris stays on the table and under the blade.
  • Dewalt dwe7485 provides two dust collection ports. They differ in size and location.
    The first dust port is located on the back of the blade guard. It’s smaller and measures 2 ½ inches.The second dust extraction point can be found under the table. It’s designed for larger hoses of big vacuums.
    Once again, the blade guard port isn’t so effective, though the big tube shows excellent dust collection.

Safety Systems

Dewalt dwe7485 Safety SystemsDewalt dw745

  • The first and primary safety feature of the table saw is the plastic blade guard. This element covers the rotating disk and prevents you from injuries. Besides, the guard is transparent so that you can control all your actions. The blade area comes with the modular guard system to protect your hands and fingers. To prevent any possibility of accidental turning on of the instrument, the saw has a safety On button, which requires intentional unlocking of the button.

Dewalt dwe7485

  • Dewalt dwe7485 offers similar safety measures. Firstly, we have the same transparent plastic blade guard for safe work and a clear overview. Secondly, there is the modular guard system too. And finally, the power button includes the secure pushing system with anti-accidental starts. You also have the stop button for immediate interruption of the work.


Dewalt dw745

Apart from the table saw, the kit also includes:

  • a 10-inch 24-tooth SERIES 30 carbide blade;
  • a miter gauge for measuring;
  • a push stick;
  • a 2.2 mm thick riving knife;
  • and an in-built blade guard.
  • Mind that, unfortunately, the saw does not include a stand.

Dewalt dwe7485

Dewalt dwe7485 comes with:

  • an 8 ¼-inch 24-tooth SERIES 30 carbide blade;
  • a metal miter gauge;
  • a push stick;
  • a non-thru cut riving knife;
  • two blade change wrenches;
  • a blade guard.
  • Also, the table saw kit does not feature a free stand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dewalt dwe7485 compatible with a dado blade?

Dewalt dwe7485 table saw is not compatible with a dado blade. It works only with an 8 ¼-inch 24-tooth blade of the 30 series.
Moreover, we strongly recommend you not to use dado blades, as they are potentially dangerous. To install them, you’ll have to remove the guard and the riving knife.


2. Do Dewalt dw745 and dwe7485 come with stands?

Unfortunately, neither Dewalt dw745 nor Dewalt dwe7485 include stands.

3. How can I raise and lower the blade?

There is a hand crank on the front of the machine. The blade is raised to nearly 3 1/2 inches by a wheel under the table and next to the ON/OFF switch. Spin the wheel to adjust the depth of the blade.
Anyway, you should read the instructions very accurately and thoroughly familiarize yourself with this machine, because it could do some serious bodily harm if you don’t use it properly.

4. Does Dewalt dw745 work with metal cutting and diamond blades?

Dewalt dw745 table saw is designed to work only with original blades. The user manual warns against using blades other than 10 inches diameter. However, at the moment, the Dewalt company does not produce suitable diamond blades and blades for metal cutting.

5. Where are Dewalt dw745 and Dewalt dwe7485 made?

These table saws models by Dewalt brand are made in Taiwan.


The table saws examined above prove to be excellent models for both professional masters and DIYers. They offer great performance combined with reliable safety systems, at the same time keeping affordable prices.

Tests also show that some minor drawbacks such as weak dust collection, useless miter gauges, and absence of stands do not greatly influence the operation.


Dewalt dw745 and Dewalt dwe7485 are similar in many respects. However, such characteristics as rotation, dust collection, rip capacity, and some others argue in favor of the dwe7485 saw. This instrument offers slightly improved features.
Nevertheless, the dw745 is more lightweight and isn’t much inferior to its rival.

Further reading and references:

Recent Updates

30 of November 2020: The manufacturer officially confirmed that Dewalt dw745 and dwe7485 saws are built and designed for North America. This means complete compliance with all electrical and safety requirements.

16 of January 2021: Customers are ensured with a 90-day money-back guarantee when purchasing Dewalt dw745 and dwe7485 table saws.

31 of March 2021: Updated brand information states Dewalt dwe7485 is compatible with the Dado blade set. Look for the Dado Throat Plate for Dewalts Part Number DWE7402D1. The max thickness and diameter size are 13/16″ (20 mm) and 8″ (200 mm), respectively.


4 thoughts on “Dewalt dw745 vs Dewalt dwe7485 Table Saws

  • Brandon M.

    Hi! Can I install these saws directly on my table or do I need to purchase a special stand? Thanks!

    • Ryan Morrison

      Hello, Brandon! Thank you for your question! Yes, you can choose ony of these installation methods. However, in any case, please make sure your saw is safely fixed and won’t slide or move during work.

  • Mike Robinson

    Hi! Thank you for this comparison. I like the DW745 model. But if my vacuum won’t suit its port, what adapters can I get for this saw? Does Dewalt manufacture its own, or are there other brands’ options?

    • Ryan Morrison

      Hello, Mike! Thank you very much for your question! Yes, Dewalt produces its own adapters for table saw dust ports. The DW745 is compatible with a DWV9140 adapter. You can find it on Dewalt official website or on Amazon (please check availability).


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