Husqvarna 315X vs 415X – Detailed comparison

Husqvarna 315X vs 415X
In the 21st century, robots are the best helpers in caring for all home tasks. There are robots for vacuuming the floor, preparing the food, cleaning the swimming pool, and mowing yards. The last one significantly reduces the time spent on mandatory grass cutting in front of your house. You do not need any more to spend every Sunday morning with a grass-mower or spend a lot of money on hired man stuff.

The Husqvarna lawn mowers is an American company that spent more than 20 years designing reliable, good-quality mowers with minimum assistance required; they hold the most significant market share for robotic mowers. Most of their robotic mowers are designed for residential small and middle yards, but they are on the way to expanding the business for big ones.

With premium design, Husqvarna mowers, the 415X and 315X, are the world mowing robotic leaders. These mowers are an example of a perfect cutting job with smart remote and voice control features. They execute mowing without any emissions as working on batteries, require a simple installation process, and with LED front lights can noiselessly work at night. The detailed description comparing Husqvarna 315X vs 415x helps you choose your Best Robotic Lawn Mower.


Husqvarna 315X vs 415X Comparison table

Main Difference Between the Models

The Husqvarna 315X and 415X are robotic mowers with the same design. Even though the 415X has some essential upgraded features that make this model more practical and effortless in control and maintenance. A more detailed description of the difference will be given in chapter; Buyer’s Guide.

  • The 415X has GPS navigation with AIM Technology allowing set stay-out zones and working zones for different grass heights. The 315X has standard GPS navigation only.
  • In the comparison of Husqvarna 315X vs 415X, 415X is the winner because it has a systematic passage mowing. This allows changing random movement to be more systematic to grow through the narrow passages.
  • The 415X model has frost guard protection with a unique sensor; the 315X has not.
  • The Husqvarna 415X has an electric height adjustment for different grass heights that is installed via a smartphone application.

Detailed Products Review

1. Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automower 315X

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The Husqvarna 315X is a robotic lawn mower. It is designed for automatic cuts of the grass on your lawn. It is made from plastic with a weatherproof shell with LED headlights to work at night and show malfunction (flashing). The mower has two big and small wheels on the bottom. On the top, a keypad and a display show different symbols regarding operation settings and weather conditions, including a connection to GPS and Bluetooth, which are installed. You can use the keypad to send a mower in the required direction, access the main menu, park it, or enter a PIN code.

The lift and tilt sensors are installed to safely stop the work of a mower if it is raised above the ground. The 315X could work almost 24/7 with charging from the battery and cutting periods. The collection of grass afterward is not necessary. It is equipped with an auto return function to the charging station.

The installation process is easy.

  • Installation of charging station near the wall and the electric socket 100-240 V AC (IP44). The cable length to the socket is 33 ft. Power supply differs depending on the country of supply.
  • Lay the boundary wire near the edges of the required lawn. The mower should know the area for cutting. The maximum distance from the charging station for boundary wire should be not more than 115 ft with a slope of 15%. The total length of the wire is 2600 ft.
  • Place the guide wire leading the mower around the lawn and back to the charging station. The guide wire shows the mower the direct path to the charging station, even for complex gardens. The maximum length of the guide loop from the charging station is 1300 ft.
  • The boundary and guide wire should be connected to the charging station. The boundary and guide wires could be put on the ground or buried. The package includes a measurement gauge (delivered loose) for the correct installation of the boundary line. Within a couple of weeks, the wires will be covered by grass.
  • Finish the installation with your smartphone application. All settings with it can be chosen remotely.

While cutting the grass, the mower moves randomly, ensuring the complete coverage of the lawn. It is possible to set three different start areas. When a mower approaches the boundary wire, sensors allow it to come only for a designed distance. Then it turns around. The same approach works for obstacles. The narrowest passage that the 315X can go through is 24 inches (almost its width: 20.1 inches). Also, you can set a boundary wire around trees and other obstacles to create islands that do not require cutting.

Each mower has a unique serial number for registration on the Manufacturer’s website and accesses the warranty. Also, inside the package, there is an alarm decal to prevent theft.

  • Fully automatic with automatic charging
  • Easy installation
  • Possibility to precisely set the boundaries with the boundary wire
  • 6 extra sharp blades are included in the package
  • Changeable top covers (white / grey or orange)
  • Double theft protection
  • Weather protection and weather timers
  • Three remote starting points
  • Display and keypad for control on the top in addition to the smartphone application
  • Boundary and guide wires require installation for proper working
  • Expensive
  • Runtime is only 70 min
  • Can work only with 40% slope of the yard and only with 15% for boundary wire

2. Husqvarna Automower 415X Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automower 415X

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The Husqvarna 415X is a robotic lawn mower as well with easy maintenance and control. It is also made of plastic with a rubber bumper that is resistant to hitting trees, fences, and other obstacles with the same design of top and bottom (display, keypad, wheels, and blades). The mower can withstand challenging weather conditions that do not impact the mower’s performance. The GPS navigation system creates the lawn map for full coverage even with slopes up to 40%. The smartphone application of the 415X model allows for setting work areas or stay-out zones with different schedules; no more islands with boundary lines are required. You can set the schedule for your mower for the whole week. The Automower connect allows for tracking the mower in real-time. With such precise navigation in extensive gardens, three different starting points could be automatically set.

The weather timer on the new series of Husqvarna mowers allows for maximizing mowing periods during strong grass growth (315X also). In areas with high grass, it automatically chooses a pattern of spot cutting with uneven grass, the pattern of spiral cutting. In addition, it is equipped with electric height adjustment that you can choose from the main menu for ten days (from maximum to defined height). The 415X also has a feature of systematic movement in narrow passages (up to 24 inches).

The installation process of 415X vs 315X is the same. All wires are the same length as 315 X (boundary wire: 2500 ft, guide loop wire: 1300 ft). If you have a big yard, you can buy an additional charging station with boundary and guide wires and use the mower first in one yard than in another. In a smartphone application, you need only to name yards differently and create separate profiles. The charging in both profiles will be executed automatically to the assigned charging station.

As the 315 X, the 415X can be used by children from 8 years old following the simple safety rules. The charging station should not be powered if there is any damage to wires. The mowers have the balance control to detect missing or damaged blades automatically. Be careful during cleaning and moving the mower, as it has sharp razor-like blades from carbon steel on a disc system. Nevertheless, the blades are located far from the machine edge. You need only clean the robot’s exterior and interior with water from a garden hose.

The 315X and 415X are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home so that you can control both with your voice. In addition, each 415X mower has a unique serial number and a product number for registration on the Manufacturer’s website and access to the warranty.


The theft protection consists of a PIN code and a GPS navigation that tracks the mower position and notifies the owner in case of going out of the boundaries. In addition, the mower will be automatically deactivated and can be used only with a unique PIN code from the manual.

  • Automatically working, changing mowing and charging cycles
  • Possibility to set stay-out and different work areas via app
  • Systematic passage mowing
  • Voice control via Alexa and Google Home
  • Weather timer including frost guard
  • Electric height adjustment
  • No harmful emissions, works from batteries
  • Possible set of three remote starting point
  • Scheduling for the whole week is possible via the app
  • Runtime only 60 min
  • Expensive
  • Possible slope for mower only 40%
  • Boundary and guide wires require precise installation

Buyer’s Guide

In addition to the pros and cons of the Husqvarna 315X and 415X mowers, after their detailed description, it is exciting to check all the advantages and disadvantages of all mowers proposed to their owners.


  • Save time as it works fully automatically
  • Eco-friendly, no harmful emissions
  • Works on batteries
  • Low maintenance required
  • Quite an operation allowing work even at night
  • Can cut grass with different height
  • Some mowers have remote control features to start the work even when you are not at home
  • Allows to set schedules for regular cutting with a more intense periods during high grass growth period
  • The removal of cut grass is not required
  • Some have anti-theft protection features


  • Most mowers are designed for small and middle yards
  • Requires additional installation of wires to determine the area for cutting
  • Allows to set schedules for regular cutting with a more intense periods during high grass growth period
  • High price for the mower
  • Better to remove all obstacles for safe mower work

As stated earlier, comparing Husqvarna 315X vs 415X, there are some differences. Please see the pros and cons of such modifications.

Face to Face Comparison

Design and construction

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna Automower 315X design
Grey ultra-modern robot with dimensions – 24.8 x 20.1 x 9.8 inches, and lightweight, 22 pounds. It has four wheels and a disc with three blades on the bottom. On the top, there is a display and a keypad. If you wish, there is a choice of three replaceable covers. The mower works from 1 Li-ion battery.

Husqvarna Automower 415X

Husqvarna Automower 415X design
Grey compactable robot with dimensions – 24 x 17.7 x 9.4 inches, and ultra-lightweight, 21.4 pounds. On the bottom, there are two big wheels and two small wheels for moving and a disc with three blades for grass cutting. On the top, there is a keypad and a display for control. No cables are required; it works from 1 Li-ion battery.


Both models, the 315X and 415X, look similar with the same functional wheels, blades, keypads, and monochrome graphical display of 2.8″. Using the same Li-ion 2Ah battery, the 415X can work 24 hours, while 315 X only 22 hours. Also, 415X is slightly lighter. Meaning 415X is a better choice.

Cutting system

Husqvarna Automower 315X

The 315X has 3 pivoting sharp carbon steel blades with manual adjustment of height. The cutting system is designed for 0.8-2.4 inches of grass.

Husqvarna Automower 415X

The 415X has 3 pivoting razor blades with the possibility for cutting in dual directions. In addition, the electrical height adjustment of blades on a skid plate in the application allows changing settings.


In comparison Husqvarna 315X vs 415X for the cutting system, the 415X is the winner because the electrical height adjustment and dual cutting direction significantly improve the settings possibilities.


Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna Automower 315X Navigation
The 315X navigation is based on GPS. It creates a virtual map of the garden showing boundary and guide wires. With this virtual map, the mower creates optimized mowing patterns with complete garden coverage.

Husqvarna Automower 415X

Husqvarna Automower 415X Navigation
With GPS-assisted navigation, the 415X can create a detailed virtual map, including boundary and guide wires, according to which the robot automatically chooses optimized mowing patterns. In addition, based on GPS and sensors, AIM Technology adds extra functionality to a smartphone by adding working zones with different grass heights and schedules and stay-out zones without a boundary wire.


The mowers 315X and 415X have the same navigation GPS systems. But 415X has in addition AIM technology allowing to create of working zones and stay-out zones in a smartphone application, which is a significant advantage of this model.

Smart features

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna Automower 315X Smart features
The Husqvarna 315X allows Bluetooth and Cellular connection to Alexa, Google Home, and the smartphone application; Automower Connect. With Alexa, you can control your mower with voice, the smartphone application to control the mower remotely.

Husqvarna Automower 415X

Husqvarna Automower 415X Smart features
Bluetooth and Cellular can integrate the Husqvarna 415X into Alexa, Google Home, and Smart Home. In addition, the 415X has an Automower Connect, smartphone application to fully control the mower. With smart upgraded navigation, you can online check the location of the 415X and receive an alarm notification in case of theft.


The Husqvarna models obtain smart features such as a connection to Alexa and Google Home and have a smartphone application for remote control. The 415X can also connect to Smart Home, and in its application, additional functionality of online mower tracking is added. So, the 415X is smarter than the 315X.

All other features such as battery, power and lawn requirements, warranty, safety, and installed sensors are comparable for the 415X and 315X.

How to choose the Best Robotic Lawn Mower

Sometimes it is a complex issue to choose the Best Robotic Lawn Mower as so many models are presented. Of course, you already know all advantages of Husqvarna top models 315X and 415X, but to make a deliberate choice, please check the main parameters to be considered:

  • Define your lawn size, the size of narrow passages, and the most significant slopes (up to 45%). Sometimes, your lawn can be split into small parts, between which you need to move your mower manually. Think of it is convenient for you.
  • Type of cutting system for limitations of the grass height.
  • Type of available mower control. Availability of remote control or smartphone application is always an advantage.
  • Availability of power supply in the yard for the charging station and required wires.
  • Availability of specialized programs for cutting complicated areas (if required).
  • Runtime and charging time. If you have a big yard, you should consider several cycles of charging and mowing to cover the whole lawn.
  • Availability of anti-theft devices with notifications.
  • The price of the original model and further maintenance expenses.
  • After checking all parameters, you will receive a list of technical requirements that your robotic lawn mower should possess.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move Husqvarna Automower 415X from one place to another?

Because the Husqvarna 415X has a light and ergonomic design, it is easy to move. First, you need to push the stop on the top of the mower. Then, the button should be pressed for 3 seconds to ensure the blades are stopped. On the body is a particular handle for carrying. When carrying the mower, the blade disc should be away from the body.


Where should the charging station for 315X be put?

The charging station should be put near the wall 30 ft. from the electric socket on the same level as the lawn for cutting (33 ft. is the cable length). If required, you can buy another longer low-voltage cable to connect to the power. In front of the charging station, a free space of 10 ft. should be left for free access and 60 inches on the left and the right. It should be located in the shadows.

How to protect the mower 315X or 415X from the high slopes, higher or narrow passages? Are there any differences between Husqvarna 315X vs 415X?

If you have a slope of more than 40% or a passage narrow than 24 inches, the mower can’t go there; you need to set the boundary wire in front of it. If you receive two separated areas, you need to manually move a Husqvarna mower as described in the first response. The approach is the same for both models, Husqvarna 315X and 415X.

How to set the guide wire for 315X?

The guide wire should be placed in a line minimum of 6.5 ft. in front of the charging station. It should go at least 12 inches from the boundary line without sharp edges (90 angles), preferably 135. The connector from the package should be placed on the guide wire end and connected to the charging station. If required guide wire can be extended with a coupler and extension.


The presented models Husqvarna 315X and 415x can perfectly do their cutting job with equal quality. The differences between models are mainly additional navigation, smart features, and electrical height adjustment. So, in this comparison of Husqvarna 315X vs 415x, the 415X is the winner as an upgraded version of 315X. However, the possibility of setting special working zones and stay-out zones, online tracking, and electric height adjustment will cost you additional money. So, if you want to save, choose 315X. Or, if you want to have the smartest robot, choose the 415X.


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