Best DeWalt Black Friday 2020 Deals

DeWalt Black Friday DealsIf you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional planning to buy any of the DeWalt tools, you came to the right place. Mentoolbox editors have scoured the market to find you the best DeWalt Black Friday 2020 deals and discounts.

So, whether you are looking for the best corded drill from the American brand or their latest storage solution, you can count on us. But just before that, here is an overview of the event.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an informal name given to the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving. It is an annual sale event that offers buyers the chance to buy stuff at crazy discounts. For retailers, it’s also the perfect time to offload stocks in readiness for Christmas sale restocking.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Many readers have been asking, is Black Friday 2020 canceled? Well, this is a valid question in light of the recent lockdowns and containment measures because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Black Friday is still on, but it won’t be business as usual for the local stores because of the Coronavirus. But for online shopping, it will be business as usual.

As a matter of fact, the crowds that are normally witnessed in the local stores will now shift to online stores.

As usual, Black Friday will be held on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, the sale event has been scheduled for Friday, November 27. It will be followed by Cyber Monday, which is slated for Monday, 30 November.

DeWalt Black Friday 2020 Deals

Now that you know a thing or two about the upcoming sale, let’s get to the main business of the day. Below, find all the deals that will feature in the upcoming sale.

Quick Pick

Black Friday DeWalt Hand Tools Deals

DeWalt is an industry leader when it comes to hand tools. Below, we have listed the best DeWalt hand saws, screwdrivers, multi-tools, nail sets, clamps, sockets, pliers, and mechanical tools sets, and other hand tools that will be up for sale.

Black Friday DeWalt Power Tools Deals

DeWalt is also a brand that is synonymous with power tools. Whether you are looking for power tools for DIY projects or professional use, DeWalt is a brand you can rely on.

Some of the best deals that will feature during Black Friday include cordless drills, grinders, saws, routers, planers, jointers, air compressors, impact drivers, and wrenches, just to mention a few.

Other DeWalt Black Friday Deals

Besides the power tools and hand tools, DeWalt will also have plenty of accessories and equipment for sale. You can find pressure washers, safety and protective gear, tool storage solutions, and ladders at crazy discounts.

There you have it, folks, all the DeWalt Black Friday deals that should be on your wishlist.

Are DeWalt tools worth the money?

Now, the big question is, are DeWalt tools worth the money? Well, the answer is yes.

The products from the American brand may seem expensive, but they guarantee the best value for money. The company uses high-grade materials and top-notch craftsmanship to deliver tough tools that can withstand the toughest jobs.

Unlike the cheap brands whose products have a short lifespan, DeWalt products guarantee years of service.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

In this section, we have shared several tips that will help you snap the best DeWalt deals and discounts.

Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year, and everyone knows about it. Unfortunately, the deals and discounts are limited. To make sure you snap the deals, always have your account logged in, and the shipping and billing details updated. Once you find that DeWalt deal, add it to your cart and check out as fast as possible.

Another pro tip is to anticipate the deals and have a wishlist. Most of the deals will start trickling in as early as mid-November, so following Black Friday deals reviews like this one will keep you in the loop. You should also prepare a wish list to avoid impulse buying. Many times, shoppers buy stuff they don’t need just because they are cheap.

On this website, we have several comparison reviews of the best DeWalt power tools to help you make the best choice. Check out our DeWalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 comparison review if you are looking for the best sliding saw, or the DeWalt DW745 vs. DeWalt DWE7485 review if you want the best table saw from the American brand. Still, on table saws, you can read our DeWalt DWE7491RS vs. Bosch 4100-09 vs. Bosch 4100-10 vs. Ridgid R4513 comparison review to find out how DeWalt stacks up against other brands.

Last, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime. This is a paid subscription program that gives members extras such as free shipping and even exclusive discounts.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, a guide to all the DeWalt Black Friday 2020 deals and discounts. You can also check out our articles on Ryobi Black Friday 2020 deals, Dremel Black Friday 2020 deals, Klein Tools Black Friday 2020 deals, and Grizzly Black Friday 2020 deals.

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